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If cortisol is busy having molecular sex with the progesterone receptor buy 60 pills abana, the lock is occupied and unavailable to another hormone order 60 pills abana with visa, and the progesterone molecule can’t get into its own receptor cheap 60pills abana otc. Even if your blood progesterone levels are normal discount abana 60pills, you may feel progesterone deficient order abana 60 pills, which means you might have trouble becoming calm or getting pregnant. Because of these interrelationships, it’s crucial to treat multiple symptoms at the same time. Many hormones, including cortisol and thyroid, are controlled by a feedback loop that shuts off production when levels get high. In addition to interaction with one another, the hormones interact with and depend on the light/dark cycle in the natural world. When you understand how your hormones interact with one another, it’s easier to find hormonal harmony. When you assess and treat multiple hormonal systems—the adrenal, thyroid, and sex hormones, in particular—at the same time, you get better and faster results. The Solution Is Nuanced One word of caution: the “solution” with wayward hormones is more nuanced than simply slapping more hormones on the problem in order to effect a cure. This is because of hormone resistance (including cortisol, progesterone, and thyroid resistance, which I’ll explain later); genetic predispositions; and the complexity of downstream chemicals made from the major hormones considered in this book. It’s a complicated neurohormonal mix that results in progesterone “resistance,” which is why topping off your progesterone may not be the answer. Your body may respond better to a “cure” that addresses upstream causes— including precursors, such as vitamin B6, that help you make serotonin, or perhaps an herb that alters progesterone sensitivity, such as chasteberry, as well as lifestyle techniques to calm your brain. She stands up to Charlie more than the other angels do, and she’s less inclined to manipulate men with her feminine wiles. Just as Sabrina is the one who rescues the “angel in danger,” cortisol, coursing through your bloodstream, alerts your nervous system to threats, whether it’s an imminent car accident or a toddler heading toward a wall socket. Cortisol helps you respond to the scary effects of your everyday adventures by regulating the levels of other hormones, such as thyroid and estrogen. Without enough thyroid, you feel fatigued, gain weight, go through life in a low mood. This is like estrogen, which keeps you flush with serotonin, the feel-good neurotransmitter. Estrogen keeps your orgasms toe- curling, your mood stable, your joints lubricated, your sleep and appetite right, your face relatively wrinkle-free. To bust the bad guys— depression, slow metabolism, lack of energy—you need your hormonal angels working in sync. But when they work together at the height of their individual powers, magic happens. Your Vigilance Centers: The “Reptilian” and Limbic Brain A key feature of women’s hormones is that some tend to get more out of control than others. That is, as you rush from task to task, your cortisol levels climb even higher (similar to a runaway train that picks up speed over time), causing cravings for sugar or wine, depositing more fat around your belly, and giving you a false sense of energy or a second wind. Before you know it, you’re still surfing the Internet and you have to get up for work in six hours, yet you’re so wired you can’t sleep. Cortisol is the alpha hormone, and couldn’t care less about its long-term relationship with your ovaries and thyroid. So your thyroid steps in and tries to fix the problem, which results in less thyroid hormone production. When cortisol is high, it blocks the progesterone receptor, making it difficult for progesterone to perform its calming duty. Less thyroid hormone slows down your metabolism, which is the rate at which you burn calories. Unfortunately, cortisol is primarily controlled by the most ancient and, we might say, less flexible parts of your brain. Some call it the reptilian brain, which developed earlier than the limbic brain and the cortex (“thinking” brain). Structurally, the reptilian, or lower, brain includes the brain stem and cerebellum. It developed many ages ago, before other parts of your brain, when survival depended on running from predators such as lions and tigers. In other words, your reptilian brain is reliable but rigid, and sometimes that’s good. If someone throws a rock at your head, your lower brain will cause you to duck rapidly. Your lower brain also shares many tasks with your limbic brain, which is the seat of emotion, learning, and memory.

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Utilizing skin compliance and a two-point discrimination testing on the pad of the index finger 60pills abana sale, increasing age was correlated with decreased tactile sensitivity and said to be likely related to change in the nervous system (tactile discrimination) order 60pills abana with amex, rather than change in skin itself (skin compliance) (5) buy abana 60pills overnight delivery. An actual increase in intraepidermal nerve fibers cheap abana 60pills with visa, correlated with severity of photodamage buy discount abana 60pills on line, was observed in a recent study of the ultrastructure of photodamaged skin and was theorized to be indica- tive of a neural involvement in the pathophysiology and/or repair of photodam- aged skin (6). This complicated interaction continues to be an extremely important area of research (7). Since the products will be applied at least to the face, and probably to other areas of the body, it must be cosmetically acceptable and preferably refined or elegant. Exceptions are those individuals who will use a greasy oint- ment or malodored product thinking it must be therapeutic if it has those undesir- able characteristics. Product qualities and potential acceptance can be tested more rigorously by using a panel of trained individuals who note the various properties of the Photoaging 19 Table 4 Product Testing Product attributes by dermatosensory panel Claim substantiation Instrumentation Pharmaceutical testing formulation (Table 4). Even untrained individuals may be able to distinguish overall acceptability but use of trained panelists allows much greater refinement of the overall and individual aspects of the product. Commercial testing is avail- able (entitled the DermatoSensory Profile), which describes and grades or com- pares products for their characteristics of appearance and feel on the skin. Testing includes evaluation of the rate of absorption of the product into the skin, including spreadability and stickiness, immediate afterfeel, including shininess, greasy or oily feeling, drag (the sensation of resistance to motion over the skin), and residue (the sensation or perception of something remaining on the skin). Perception of residue after set periods of time such as 5, 15, and 30 min is called delayed afterfeel. Various descriptions of the product itself, aside from its characteristics on the skin such as color, odor, thickness, substantivity, consistency, grittiness, or smoothness can also be described. Many of these product characteristics are important in consumer acceptance of the cosmeceutical as well as in their percep- tion of benefit. Cosmeceutical Testing No matter if cosmetic or pharmaceutical endpoints are sought, adequate trial de- sign is critical for accurate, precise, consistent, reproducible, and valid observa- tions in photoaging. The optimum trial for pharmaceutical, and to some extent cosmeceutical, purposes is double-blind, placebo (vehicle)-controlled, multicen- ter, and frequently, for the chronic process of photoaging, of at least several months’ duration. Cosmetic testing may be of much shorter duration in fewer subjects but should optimally follow the same basic logic. Study of the parameter that is most important to the product is essen- tial; a facial moisturizer designed for older females living in the north should not be artificially tested in male and female college students in the south. Overall severity rating for study entry and follow-up of global appearance has been accomplished with a photographically derived rating scale, with 0 20 Cunningham Figure 1 none, 1 to 3 mild, 4 to 6 moderate, and 7 to 9 severe photodamage (8). These evaluations may be performed by the investigator, by the subject, or by third persons comparing photographs of before and after in a randomized and blinded manner. This and similar rating scales may also be applied at baseline and follow-up to specific parameters such as wrinkles, surface roughness, mottled pigmentation, overall color, skin dryness, and texture. A 100-mm visual analogue scale has been successfully utilized to rate the overall appearance of the skin and specific parameters of fine wrinkles, discrete pigmentation, shallowness, and texture. A clinical panel evaluation technique has been described that potentially allows precise, consistent, and completely unbiased evaluations of clinical state (9). Very high-quality photographic slides are obtained, prepared in matched ca- rousels, and placed on two random-access projectors in a rear-screen projection booth. Side-by-side comparison of each patient’s time-randomized baseline and end-of-treatment photographic slides by trained, but uninvolved, evaluators is thus accomplished in a completely blinded and randomized manner. Both global response and specific parameters of overall appearance, fine wrinkles, and dis- crete pigmentation can be judged and graded on a 13-point balanced categorical Figure 2 Photoaging 21 scale with zero representing no difference between the two photographs. A score of 1to 6 is assigned when the end-of-treatment photograph is perceived to be better and a score of 1to 6 when the baseline photograph is perceived to be better. Trials of isotretinoin have successfully utilized the clinical panel and dem- onstrated the therapeutic effect compared to vehicle (10,11). Claim Substantiation If the above-described pharmaceutically oriented trials demonstrate significant effect, claim substantiation may be relatively easy and clear-cut. However, distinction may be made among the various aspects of a claim for a product. There are, in each country, very different cultural and legal perspec- tives dictating what can be stated about a product designated for photoaging. These claims are generally related to the broad perception of whether the cosmetic or skin-care aspects, the potential cosmeceutical action, or a proven pharmaceuti- cal effect is being claimed and advertised. In this regard, everything from con- sumer statements, consumer panel testing, instrumentation results, clinical testing results, to absence or presence of statements regarding alteration of structure or function of the skin must be considered in evaluating, regulating, and advertising a product. Use of Instrumentation With no other methodology is there the same potential for accurate, precise, reproducible, consistent data to used appropriately or to be nefariously manip- ulated to purport therapeutic effect as with the now-available and sophisticated instrumentation (12).

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Doomed are Salmonella and other local bacteria; doomed also are eggs (cysts) of parasites that might be in the stomach discount abana 60 pills mastercard. Amazingly generic abana 60pills line, the two teaspoon dose of Black Walnut Hull Tincture Extra Strength used in the Parasite Killing Program is also effective against many bacteria discount 60pills abana with amex, including Salmonella generic 60 pills abana visa, Shi- gella generic 60pills abana mastercard, and Clostridium. If the tincture doesn’t bring total relief in 24 hours, search for a source of reinfection. These bacteria come to us in dairy foods, or perhaps you are self infecting by putting your fingers in your mouth. A traditional, more gradual method of conquering digestive bacteria is with two herbs (which are also common spices! Another traditional treatment for digestive problems is yo- gurt and acidophilus beverages. But modern commercial varie- ties are actually contaminated with Salmonella and Shigella strains. The concept of supplementing the diet is excellent, but the pollution problem makes it prohibitive. This is an easy task because it mostly involves throwing things out, so it was left to the last. Special Clean-up For Freon Your refrigerator is the most sinister toxin in your home! But switching to Freon as a refrigerant, which is nearly odorless, brought a new threat: unsuspected leakage. You may leave it on an extension cord and use it until you find a new non-Freon variety. Although everybody in the health profes- sions know this, it is never discussed in scientific circles. Perhaps morbitropism has a magnetic or electronic explanation, and will soon be a legitimate subject for study. Would Freon react with ozone supplied to your body and thereby become biodegradable? Other ozone routes, as intravenous or rectal, have not been observed to be as effective. Drink three glasses a day for the first week, then two glasses a day for six more weeks. A combination of herbs (Liver Herbs in Recipes, page 599) rescues the liver from its plight, and prevents the indigestion. After drink- ing liver herbs you will see that the Freon now appears in the kidneys. Take the kidney cleanse (page 596) to assist the kidneys so they can finally excrete the Freon into the urine. It’s an elaborate detoxifying program of ozonated water, liver herbs, and kidney herbs taken together for six to eight weeks. Although toxic, at least I observe it in the liver directly, suggesting that your body is capable of handling it. Remember your new refrigerator will still be using a toxic coolant, and it would be best to keep it out- side or at least vented to the outside. You must test a dust sample taken from a flat surface in your car or home (after changing your refrigerator) to find out if it is leaking. Fortunately, the success rate on fixing air condi- tioners is quite good, in contrast to fixing refrigerators. If you are very sick, find a home without air conditioners and move the refrigerator outside. They cut their way through your lungs and organs like millions of tiny knives, spreading through your body, since there is no way out for them. Your body, though, recognizes these sharp, pointed bits and tries to stop their spread by sequestering them in cysts. Most solid malignant tumors contain fiberglass or asbestos, another glass-like particle. In nearly all cases a hole can be found in the ceiling or walls, leading to fiberglass insulated parts of the house. When these holes are sealed in an air-tight manner the house air no longer is positive for fiberglass. Search for small screw holes intended for pictures, or electric outlet plates that are missing. Also remove fiberglass jackets from your water heater and fiberglass filters from your furnace and air conditioner.

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Dental Rewards After your mouth is free of metal and toxic plastic order abana 60 pills, notice whether your sinus condition 60pills abana with visa, ear-ringing buy 60 pills abana mastercard, enlarged neck glands abana 60pills, headache purchase abana 60 pills free shipping, enlarged spleen, bloated condition, knee pain, foot pain, hip pain, dizziness, aching bones and joints improve. So go back to your den- tist, to search for a hidden infection under one or more of your teeth, or where your teeth once were! You may be keeping them glossy by the constant polishing action of your toothpaste. In breast cancer, especially, you find that metals from den- talware have dissolved and accumulated in the breast. To do this for your mouth, get started im- mediately, since your dentist may need more than one day to complete it. You have killed the intestinal fluke, and all of its stages, and cured the cancer. You have killed all your other parasites, done the Mop Up program, and have yourself on a maintenance program to keep killing them. You have started getting well by cleaning up your dental- ware and eliminating bacteria, especially Clostridium. You have also partially eliminated copper, cobalt, vanadium, malonic acid, urethane, and scarlet red dye. The effect of any pollutant is much greater when it is injected than if taken by mouth. Bottles and tubing are sterilized with isopropyl alcohol and not necessarily rinsed! Some injectables have live bacteria in them, most often the albumin and vitamin C. Malonic acid is not natural for humans; nothing in the sci- entific literature indicates that it is a metabolite. Certain plants, about 24 families of them, make malonic acid as a step in making their oils! Higher plants pack their seeds with a little oil; some, like the avocado plant, make a lot of oil. There is a very important reason for never having free ma- lonic acid in our bodies anywhere. Consequently we make fewer amino acids and can’t make as much protein as we should. Although the malonate forming food plants have other fine properties and are otherwise nutritious, the presence of ma- lonate puts them off limits to anyone trying to improve their health. Malonate-Free Foods Here is the malonate-free food list; stick to it; do not eat foods that are not listed. The fastest way to recover the health of the tumorous organ, or any other organ, is to stop poisoning it with malonic acid. You may notice a higher body temperature af- ter a few weeks, which brings with it a rosier complexion. Yet, it has never been suspected that we are eating it daily in significant amounts! Foods That Contain Malonic Acid Be aware that in packaged foods, the processing could con- tribute the malonic acid. So when I discovered malonic acid in carrots (root portion) I was so unhappy I searched to find a confirming study. Malonic acid in fruit juices, including orange juice, was also reported in various scientific articles. It must either be used by the body (metabolized), detoxified, excreted, or left alone to create havoc! Toxic Effects Of Malonic Acid The need to detoxify any free malonic acid quickly is obvi- ous when you read the effects it has. A lengthy and excellent review of malonate research has 37 been published in Enzyme And Metabolic Inhibitors. Baerheim Svendsen, Gas Chromatography of Esters of Plant Acids and Their Identification in Plant Materials, J. This could lead to acetoacetate buildup, namely ketonuria and possibly a block in fat utilization of even numbered carbon atoms, leaving odd numbered carbons to predominate. It’s no wonder that the body tries frantically to detoxify malonic acid that reaches the tumorous organ, or any other part of the body.

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