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In the absence of pulmonary hyperten- sion blood will flow from the aorta to the pulmonary artery throughout the cardiac cy- cle buy generic grifulvin v 250mg line, resulting in a “continuous” murmur at the left sternal border buy grifulvin v 250 mg. In total anomalous pulmonary venous connection all the venous blood returns to the right atrium; there- fore buy grifulvin v 250mg cheap, an interatrial communication is required and right-to-left shunts with cyanosis are common cheap grifulvin v 250mg on-line. The high-pitched blowing murmur in the left third intercostal space is commonly present buy 125mg grifulvin v with mastercard, whereas the second diastolic murmur at the apex, resembling mi- tral stenosis (Austin Flint murmur), is not always present. Peripheral signs of chronic aortic regurgitation are manifestations of a widened pulse pressure and equalization of aortic and ventricular end-diastolic pressures. As pressure increases in the left ventricle, hypertrophy develops as a compensatory mechanism. Cannon a waves are found in the jugular venous pulsations when the atria are contracting against a closed tricuspid valve. Hypotension, irregular rhythm, and syncope can all be seen in both ventric- ular tachycardia and supraventricuar tachycardia with aberrancy. The normal response to the graded exercise protocol is a gradual increase in blood pres- sure. Isolated hypertension during a stress test, despite its severity, is not indicative of my- ocardial ischemia. The target heart rate for exercise stress tests is ≥85% of maximal predicted heart rate for age and sex. As she is relatively young and does not have enlarged chambers or ischemic changes on the electrocardiogram, dilated or ischemic cardiomyopathy is unlikely. Constrictive pericarditis has certain suggestive physical findings, notably the prominent and rapid y descent in the jugular venous pulsations that represents early and rapid filling of the right ventricle during early diastole. Other findings that have been associated include rapid x descent, pericardial knock that is similar to a third heart sound, and impressive ascites, edema, and occasionally Kussmaul’s sign (lack of inspiratory decline in jugular venous pressure). A double systolic apical impulse has been described in patients with hyper- trophic cardiomyopathy. Cannon a waves are most commonly seen in arrhythmias that cause atrioventricular dis- sociation. Finally, opening snaps are brief, high-pitched diastolic sounds that usually are due to mitral stenosis. Age-related degenerative calification is the most common cause of aortic stenosis (so-called senile aortic stenosis). The risk factors for developing aortic stenosis (dyslipidemia, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, etc. Pathology of the affected valves will show evi- dence of vascular inflammation, lipid deposition, and calcification. However, treating risk factors such as dyslipidemia has not been shown to improve severe aortic stenosis. In younger patients presenting with aortic stenosis, the aortic valve apparatus is commonly bicuspid. This lack of organization results in stasis of blood in the atria and puts the patient at risk for cardioembolic stroke. Several factors associated with increased stroke risk have been identified, including dia- betes mellitus, hypertension, age over 65, rheumatic heart disease, a prior stroke or tran- sient ischemic attack, congestive heart failure, and a transesophageal echocardiogram showing spontaneous echo contrast in the left atrium, left atrial atheroma, or left atrial appendage velocity <20 cm/s. Hypercholesterolemia is not associated with an increased risk of stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation. Multiple clinical risk scores have been developed by various professional organizations, such as the American College of Physicians and the American Heart Association. Patients deemed to be at low risk may proceed to surgery without further intervention. The patient described above has only one major risk—intraperitoneal surgery—on the six-point revised cardiac risk index (see Table V-53). This puts the patient into an intermediate-risk classication by this scale; however, further testing is indicated only if the patient is undergoing vascular surgery. In addition, the patient has excellent functional status and can achieve greater than four metabolic equivalents with ease. The risk of postoperative cardiovascular complications does not appear to be influenced by stable hypertension, elevated cholesterol, obesity, cigarette smoking, or bundle branch block. Perioperative beta blockade has been shown to decrease rates of postoperative myo- cardial infarction and cardiac death by at least 50% and is recommended for any patient who has cardiac risk factors or is at intermediate risk of cardiovascular complications after surgery. The patient’s prior adverse reaction to beta blockade should not preclude its use in the perioperative period, as it consisted of only mild fatigue and decreased sexual func- tioning.

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In particular order grifulvin v 125 mg on line, Diogenes and Diocles argue at length that it is not possible in the case of food and drink to ascertain their ultimate effects but by way of experience quality grifulvin v 250 mg. In this testimony generic grifulvin v 250mg free shipping, the view of Diocles and the other ancient authorities is obviously referred to in order to support Galen’s argument against an exclusively theoretical approach to medicine discount 125 mg grifulvin v. And although we should not assign much independent value to this testimony – which grifulvin v 125mg visa, apart from its vagueness, is a typical example of Galen’s bluffing with the aid of one of his lists of Dogmatic physicians – it is compatible both with the picture of Diocles’ general medical outlook that emerges from the collection of fragments as a whole and with his approach to dietetics as reflected in our fragment 176. Diogenes and Diocles are mentioned by Galen in particular trofaª m»non e«s©n, oÉ f†rmaka, mžqì Ëp†gonta gast”ra... This reference to the ‘ultimate effects’58 is in accordance with the in- terpretation of section 8 given above: this ultimate effect does not admit of further causal explanation; we can only make sure what it is by experience, by applying the foodstuff in a given case and seeing how it works out. Postscript Discussions of this fragment that came out after the original publication of this paper can be found in Hankinson (1998a), (1999) and (2002), in van der Eijk (2001a) 321–34, and in Frede (forthcoming). But a re-examination of the Arabic would seem to make this interpretation less plausible. A literal translation of the Arabic would read as follows: ‘It is not possible to ascertain in the case of food and drink where their last things (akhiriyatuha? The idea is then that although a Dogmatist might speculate theoretically about the power (dÅnamiv)ofa particular foodstuff, e. Thus the position attributed to Diocles here corresponds closely with that attributed to him by Galen in fr. This would suggest that Galen is referring to how foods and drinks are ultimately disposed of; but this would seem to be quite inappropriate to the context. Principles and practices of therapeutics in the Hippocratic Corpus and in the work of Diocles of Carystus 1 introduction In a well-known passage from the Hippocratic Epidemics, the doctor’s duties are succinctly characterised as follows: [The doctor should] declare what has happened before, understand what is present, and foretell what will happen in the future. As to diseases, he should strive to achieve two things: to help, or to do no harm. The (medical) art consists of three components: the disease, the patient, and the doctor. It is succinctly summarised here in the words ‘to help, or to do no harm’ (Ýfele±n £ mŸ bl†ptein), a formula which is often quoted or echoed both in the Hippocratic Corpus and in later Greek and Roman medical literature. The Hippocratic Oath, which explicitly mentions the well-being of the patient as the doctor’s This chapter was first published in slightly different form in I. Thus, according to the Oath, the doctor is not allowed to give a woman an abortive, nor to administer a lethal poison, not even when being asked to do so; and the doctor is instructed to refrain from every kind of abuse of the relation of trust that exists between him and the patient. Yet it is also possible – as the word ‘or’ suggests – to take the formula in the sense of unintended harm: ‘To help, or at least to cause no harm’, that is to say, the doctor should be careful when treating the patient not to aggravate the patient’s condition, for example in cases that are so hopeless that treatment will only make matters worse, or in cases which are so difficult that the doctor may fail in the execution of his art; and as we shall see, there is evidence that Greek doctors considered this possibility too. In this chapter I will examine how this principle ‘to help, or to do no harm’ is interpreted in Greek medical practice and applied in cases where it is not immediately obvious what ‘helping’ or ‘causing harm’ consists in. I will study this question by considering the therapeutic sections of a number of Hippocratic writings (most of which date from the period 425–350 bce) and in the fragments of the fourth-century bce medical writer Diocles of Carystus. This passage has received ample attention in scholarship, and it is not my in- tention to give a detailed interpretation or an assessment of its historical reliability. By this I mean the position and relative importance of therapeutics within the field of medicine as a whole, which gives rise to 3 ‘I will use dietetic measures to the benefit of the patients... I will keep them from harm and injustice’ (diaitžmas© te cržsomai –pì Ýfele©h€ tän kamn»ntwn... For more general assessments of Celsus as a source for the history of medicine see Smith (1979) 226–30 and (1989) 74–80; von Staden (1994b) 77–101 and (1999b); Stok (1994) 63–75; Temkin (1935) 249–64. To help, or to do no harm 103 questions such as the following: Are therapeutics and medicine identical? Or is therapeutics a part of medicine, or perhaps an aim (or even the aim) of medicine? Do they all have the same purpose, and are they all considered to be equally important? Is there a special status for dietetics (which does not necessarily aim at healing)? The answers to these questions are by no means obvious, yet they are of fundamental importance to an understanding of what Greek doctors of this period were up to and what they believed the purposes of their activities to be. As is well known, in sections 5–8 of the proem Celsus discusses the early period when the medical art was – in Celsus’ view perniciously – incorporated within the theoretical study of the nature of things (rerum naturae contemplatio) and he presents, with obvious approval, Hippocrates as the one who emancipated medicine out of the bondage of philosophy (studium sapientiae), the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake, which Celsus claims to be so fundamentally harmful to the body: Ergo etiam post eos de quibus rettuli, nulli clari uiri medicinam exercuerunt donec maiore studio litterarum disciplina agitari coepit (6) quae, ut animo praecipue omnium necessaria, sic corpori inimica est. Primoque medendi scientia sapien- tiae pars habebatur ut et morborum curatio et rerum naturae contemplatio sub isdem auctoribus nata sit, (7) scilicet iis hanc maxime requirentibus qui corpo- rum suorum robora quieta cogitatione nocturnaque uigilia minuerant. Ideoque multos ex sapientiae professoribus peritos eius fuisse accipimus, clarissimos uero ex his Pythagoran et Empedoclen et Democritum.

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Universal Free E-Book Store Chapter 23 Economics of Personalized Medicine Introduction Success of personalized medicine cannot be measured in dollars alone cheap grifulvin v 250 mg fast delivery. The improvement in healthcare and quality of life with reduction of disease burden will have an impact on all aspects of human life with economic benefits purchase 125mg grifulvin v amex. A discussion of financial aspects grifulvin v 125 mg free shipping, of personalized medicine grifulvin v 250mg online, however buy grifulvin v 125mg mastercard, is important for two reasons: (1) pharmaceutical companies would like to know if it would be profitable; and (2) healthcare providers would like to know if it is affordable. Development of person- alized medicine would also affect the pharmaceutical markets, which are described in detail in a special report on this topic (Jain 2015a ). Perceived Financial Concerns The pharmaceutical industry expects new technologies to facilitate the development and introduction of “blockbuster drugs”, which are currently defined as those gen- erating >$1 billion per year. It is common belief in the pharmaceutical industry that blockbuster drugs must target large patient populations and concern has been expressed that personalized medicine may shrink the market for a particular drug by limiting the number of those who can take it. Therefore, the pharmaceutical compa- nies are interested in using genetics to develop drugs for the population in general and not for a particular genotype. But the important role of genetic variability in disease and therapy revealed by pharmacogenomics suggests that smaller, geneti- cally defined patient populations can be treated more effectively. This would require a complete rethinking and retooling of the genetics-based drug discovery and devel- opment on part of the pharmaceutical industry. In general, an orphan disease is a condition that affects <1 person per 10,000 of population. The common factor between personalized medicine and the orphan drugs is a small or targeted patient population. Segmentation of a common disease into subcategories on pharmacogenomic basis might create a small population for a certain drug – orphan drug syndrome. Potential problems in this area, ethical and those related to cost- effectiveness, remain to be addressed. Commercial Aspects of Pharmacogenomics The commercial aspects of personalized medicine that are discussed are based on considerations of the cost of various technologies that will be used in developed such medicines. Systematic pharmacoeconomic studies of pharmacogenomics have not yet been carried out. The economic benefits can be predicted on the basis of current progress made in genomics and will be a sequel of reduced time for R & D and introduction of the product into the market. Markets for molecular diagnostics are described in a special report on this topic (Jain 2015b ). Therefore, large scale sequencing was carried out mostly at spe- cial sequencing centers and is restricted to major expensive projects. In 2011, Illumina lowered the cost of its human whole- genome sequencing services to $5,000 per genome for projects of 10 samples or more, and $4,000 for projects of 50 samples or more. The services were offered through the Illumina Genome Network and compete directly with human whole- genome offerings from Complete Genomics and Life Technologies. The first human genome sequence, completed by the federally financed Human Genome Project in 2003, cost a few hundred million dollars. In 2008, Life Technologies’ latest machine could sequence a human genome for $10,000. This amount included only the cost of consumable materials, and not labor or the machinery. Its sequencer was not that much different from rival machines, but miniatur- ization enabled it to use only tiny amounts of enzymes and other materials. This price represented another step toward the long-sought goal of the “$1,000 genome. Complete Genomics did not offer a service to consumers, but provided sequencing service for consumer-oriented companies such as Knome. Most of its customers were pharmaceutical companies or research labo- ratories that conduct studies aimed at finding genes linked to diseases. Complete Genomics performed ~1,000 human genome sequences in 2009 and 20,000 in 2010, with a goal of completing a million by 2013. The services were offered through the Illumina Genome Network and competed directly with human whole-genome offerings from Complete Genomics and Life Technologies. In 2012, Life Technologies’ Benchtop Ion Proton™ Sequencer could decode a human genome in 1 day for $1,000. Cost of Genotyping Currently, it typically costs a drug company about $1 billion to develop, test, and bring to market a single drug. Pharmacogenomic data could hasten clinical drug trials, allowing researchers to design and conduct safer, more targeted trials on a Universal Free E-Book Store Commercial Aspects of Pharmacogenomics 685 particular drug.

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Epitaph suggested by Graves himself after emphasizing nutrition in sick patients Sir William Withey Gull – From the very commencement the student should British physician grifulvin v 250 mg on line, Guy’s Hospital buy grifulvin v 125mg free shipping, London set out to witness the progress and effects of The jejunum is more exempt from morbid sickness and ought to persevere in the daily conditions than any other portion of the observation of disease during the whole period of alimentary canal purchase grifulvin v 125mg amex. Bartholomew’s Hospital Reports :  () Introductory Lectures () Diseases are but parts of a course of natural Greek proverb history cheap grifulvin v 250mg on line. British Medical Journal :  () A blind man leaned against a wall; ‘This is the boundary of the world’ cheap grifulvin v 125 mg on-line, he said. The road to medical knowledge is through the pathological museum and not through an Major Greenwood? Attributed Do not forget there is a research laboratory greater even than the Cavendish, the streets, Never forget that it is not a pneumonia, but the homes, the factories in which common people a pneumonic man who is your patient. Pemberton in ‘Will Pickles of Wensleydale Bles, a profession, ought to be a religion. London () Attributed Germaine Greer – Savages explain, science investigates. Australian-born writer and feminist Attributed The management of fertility is one of the most I do not say no drugs are useful, but there is not important functions of adulthood enough discrimination in their use. London Attributed In my experience it is most exceptional to see an The progress of biology in the next century will old case of albuminuric retinitis; this latter lead to a recognition of the innate inequality of affection seems to occur at a late stage of the man. This is today most obviously visible in general disease, so that death supervenes before the United States. Sir Peter Hall – British theatre director Thomas Guthrie – Scottish social reformer We do not necessarily improve with age; for better or worse we become more like ourselves. If you want to keep a dead man, put him in whisky; The Observer ‘Sayings of the Week’,  January () if you want to kill a live man put whisky in him. Attributed John Halle – Ernst Haeckel – English surgeon German professor of zoology A surgeon should have three diverse properties in The cell never acts; it reacts. That is to say, a heart as the heart of a Generelle Morphologie lion, his eyes like the eyes of a hawk, and his hands the hands of a woman. Epistle to the Reader in the translation of Lanfranchi’s Heinrich Haeser – Chirurgia Parva Medicine is as old as the human race, as old as the But chiefly the anatomy necessity for the removal of disease. Ye ought to understand; Lehbruch der Geschichte der Medizin Erste Periode If ye will cure well any thing, That ye do take in hand. Bulletin of the Johns Hopkins Hospital :  () Organon of Homeopathic Medicine (rd American edn), The only weapon with which the unconscious p. William Radde, New York () patient can immediately retaliate upon the Similar diseases are cured by similar things. Haldane – British geneticist and author Alexander Hamilton – I wish I had the voice of Homer Professor of Midwifery, Edinburgh To sing of rectal carcinoma, It is particularly observed in surgical wards that Which kills a lot more chaps, in fact, there is such a state of the air sometimes as Than were bumped off when Troy was sacked. Ltd, London () If a man has knocked out the teeth of a man of For the honour of the Profession to continue to the same rank, his own teeth shall be knocked out. Trust Deed to the Royal College of Physicians  June () Number  statement from the  provisions to the fees due to Medical Practitioners in the Code of Hammurabi Lady Flora Hastings – British poet Garrett Hardin – Grieve not that I die young. Certainly pregnancy is a form of servitude if Swan Song continued to term it results in parenthood, which is also a kind of servitude to be endured for the Lord Havers – best years of a woman’s life. British lawyer and politician I am also satisfied that a person who has a duty of George Harley – care may be guilty of murder by omitting to fulfill Scottish physician that duty, as much as by committing any positive act. Harrell – A bodily disease, may after all, be but a symptom The physician’s continuing education, whether he of some ailment in the spiritual part. Sir John Hawton – Journal of Medical Education :  () British politician The British Government have announced that they intend to establish a comprehensive Health William Harvey – Service for everyone in the country. Exercitatio Anatomica de Motu Cordis et Sanguinis in William Hazlitt – Animalibus British writer The heart of animals is the foundation of their Death is the greatest evil, because it cuts off hope. Exercitatio Anatomica de Motu Cordis et Sanguinis in The most rational cure after all for the inordinate Animalibus fear of death is to set a just value on life. Table Talk ‘On the Fear of Death’ If any part of the after-burden be left sticking to the uterus the after-purgings will flow forth When a thing ceases to be a subject of evil-scented, green and as if they proceeded from controversy, it ceases to be a subject of a dead body: and sometimes the courage and interest. Commentaries on the History and Cure of Diseases () There is one ailment in the chest which has difficult and peculiar symptoms.

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Arthritis of hand joints: Arthritis of wrist generic grifulvin v 250mg amex, metacarpophalangeal joint purchase 250mg grifulvin v with visa, or proximal inter- phalangeal joint cheap grifulvin v 250mg line. Symmetric arthritis: Simultaneous involvement of the same joint areas on both sides of the body buy 250mg grifulvin v overnight delivery. Rheumatoid nodules: Subcutaneous nodules over bony prominences buy 250mg grifulvin v mastercard, extensor surfaces, or juxtaarticular regions observed by a physician. Serum rheumatoid factor: Demonstration of abnormal amounts of serum rheumatoid fac- tor by any method for which the result has been positive in less than 5% of normal control subjects. Her skin testing shows multiple sensitivities including ragweed, grass, pet dander, and dust mites. The ini- tial step in the treatment of chronic perennial rhinitis is avoidance of the offending aller- gens. This should include removal of the pet from the home, which is often difficult given the emotional attachment to the pet. In this instance, the first approach to the patient’s sensitivity to cat dander is to discuss potentially removing the pet from the home. In ad- dition, multiple other interventions are available that might decrease her symptoms. Other avoidance strategies that would decrease her exposure to offending allergens in- clude removal of carpet and drapes from the bedroom, weekly laundering of the bedding and clothes at high temperatures, use of a filter-equipped vacuum, and plastic-lined cov- ers for the mattress, pillows, and comforters. In addition, air-filtration devices can de- crease the concentration of air-borne allergens. The medical therapy of perennial rhinitis should include use of H1 antihistamines, which the patient is currently prescribed. Other agents with efficacy in treating perennial rhinitis include montelukast and intranasal cromolyn sodium. Immunotherapy (previously called hyposensitization) involves weekly subcutaneous injections of gradually increasing concentrations of the suspected offending allergen. Studies have demonstrated partial re- lief of symptoms, but the injections must be continued for 3–5 years. Immunotherapy is also considered contraindicated in this patient because of the use of beta blockers, which could interfere with treatment of anaphylaxis, a rare side effect of immunotherapy. In two-thirds of patients, an initial clinical presentation of fatigue, anorexia, and weakness precedes joint complaints. Morning stiffness of an hour or more is very frequent in these patients as well, but it is worth noting that this clinical finding does not allow differ- entiation between inflammatory and noninflammatory arthritides. Arthritic pain comes from the joint capsule itself, which is innervated and very sensitive to distention. Weight loss is a nonspe- cific symptom and is not definitively associated with active disease. There is a male predominance (2–3:1) with a median age at pre- sentation of 23 years. About 20– 30% will have arthritis of the hips or shoulders, and asymmetric polyarthritis of the small joints occurs in 25–35%. There is decrease flexion and extension of the spine, and decreased chest expansion (<5 cm) may be seen with inspiration. Radiographically, sacroiliitis is demonstrated by blurring of the cortical margins of the subchondral bone with progres- sion to bony erosions and sclerosis. An elevation in alkaline phosphatase may be seen in severe disease, but this is not common. The most common organ- isms that are implicated are bacteria that cause acute infectious diarrhea. All four Shigella species have been reported to cause reactive arthritis, although S. Other bacteria that have been identified as triggers include several Salmonella species, Yersinia enterocolitica, and Campylobacter jejuni. In addition, some organisms that cause urethritis are also causative; these include Chlamydia trachomatis and Ureaplasma urealyticum. Arthritis associated with disseminated gonococcal infection is directly related to an infectious cause and responds to antibiotics, unlike reactive arthritis. The choice of agent should be made in the context of the patient’s comorbid conditions and medications as well as potential side effects of the medication. These medications, such as prednisone, are highly effective, and there are no contraindications to the use of prednisone.

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